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Since 4th October 1987, the charts have run from Sunday to Saturday, so reference books or web sites which list Official UK Number 1s are likely to quote correct information.  However, from the first chart in 1952 until Monday 28th September 1987, the charts ran from Tuesday to Monday, so it is probable that information you have for the 2 days after the "week end" date are going to be incorrect.  With our own investigation we found that some official sources appear to have forgotten that every 4 years, February has an extra day during leap years (so the possible margin of error increases to 3 days).  We also found  that during some weeks in the early years, there were "Joint Number 1s" which aren't always included, therefore we have compiled the following based on correct calendars since 1952 and collated 3 sources of chart information to produce the first correct "free" UK Number 1 chart reference source.

Very simply, here we have a full listing of every UK Number 1 which starts with the DATE RANGE and how many weeks were spent at number one, so there's no need to add or remove dates.  A RED background denotes a "Joint Number 1", a YELLOW background denotes best selling single of the year.  The "Total Number 1s" for the year is given after the details, which reflects 1st January to 31 December inclusive.

Codes for "Notes" column:  BS = Best Selling single of the year and * = Entered charts at number 1


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