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Thames Radio 281
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We thought you may like to see some end of year charts which comprise of airplay, from Thames Radio 281's records.  The station stopped broadcasting on 4th April 1991 when local broadcasting licences were up for grabs.  The "formula" used based on chart positions has been applied so that an Airplay Chart each Year covers the period from 1980 to 2001.

Airplay Top 30 - 1990 Airplay Top 30 - 1989 Airplay Top 30 - 1988 Airplay Top 30 - 1987 Airplay Top 30 - 1986 Airplay Top 30 - 1985 Airplay Top 30 - 1984 Airplay Top 30 - 1983 Airplay Top 30 - 1982 Airplay Top 30 - 1981 Airplay Top 30 - 1980

More detail will be supplied about "Thames Radio 281" and its DJs at a later date - we're currently scanning our archives for studio photographs of some of the DJ's for this page!

For those of you in Hertfordshire who can remember "Thames Radio 281" between 1980 and 1991, most pages will play one of our many jingles.  These are property of Thames Radio 281 and must not be reproduced without consent.

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