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has tried its best to "protect" this page.  There's only ONE way in, so hopefully this will be enough of an incentive for you to be brave enough to send us your top 5!

accepts no responsibility for any mental condition resulting from viewing this page - you have been warned!!!

If you let us publish your Top 5, we will supply details of the record label, chart position and year.

Key:  (Helps determine how we rate the songs):

  Awful (know why you feel guilty!)
  Not too bad
  Quite good
  Shouldn't be considered a "Guilty Pleasure"

"Rudge" from somewhere(!), has allowed us to produce his/her top 5:

1 Boney M - 'Ma Baker' (Atlantic: #2, 1977)
2 Manfred Mann - 'Mighty Quinn' (Fontana: #1, 1968)
3 Boston - 'More Than A Feeling' (Epic:  #22, 1977)
4 Peter, Paul & Mary - 'Puff, The Magic Dragon' (Warner Bros - fortunately, never charted {1963}!)
5 Scaffold - 'Lily The Pink' (Parlophone: #1, 1968)

Thanks, Rudge and we understand why you wish to remain anonymous!  All we need now is for someone to start a campaign and attempt to get "Puff, The Magic Dragon" to enter the chart.  At least Boston saved you . . .

"Kelly" from Portsmouth, has allowed us to produce her top 5:

1 Billy Jo Spears - 'Blanket On The Ground'  (United Artists:  #6, 1975)
2 Don McLean - 'Vincent' (United Artists:  #1, 1972)
3 Paper Lace - 'Billy Don't Be A Hero' (Bus Stop: #1, 1974)
4 Firm - 'Star Trekkin'' (Bark:  #1, 1987)
5 Sister Sledge - 'Frankie' (Atlantic: #1, 1985)

Thanks, Kelly.  'Vincent' is probably better known as 'Starry Starry Night' to those who can't place the song!  Paper Lace nearly got a RED, but was saved as we haven't heard for such a long time and because your daughter likes it so much!  Although 'Star Trekkin'' brings back memories of the late 80s, it had to get a RED for being number 1 for two weeks, knocking Whitney Houston off the top spot! (Check out entry 592 here for details).

"Ray" from Leeds, has allowed us to produce his top 5:

1 Art Garfunkel - 'Bright Eyes'  (CBS: #1, 1979)
2 Toto - 'Africa' (CBS:  #3, 1983)
3 Sherbet - 'Howzat'  (Epic:  #4, 1976)
4 Unit Four Plus Two - 'Concrete And Clay'  (Decca:  #1, 1965)
5 Dana - 'All Kinds Of Everything' (Rex:  #1, 1970)

Thanks, Ray.  We were concerned that we may have to dedicate the "Hoosiers" CD single to you {Worried About Ray}!  However, as Dana won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland, it's probably over play which gave that a RED.  As for your most popular, that song was cruelty for any child who lost their pet rabbit during the summer of 1979 and beyond for 19 weeks!!!

"Jenny", has kindly allowed us to produce her top 5:

1 Edison Lighthouse - 'Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)' (Bell:  #1, 1970)
2 Lee Mead - 'Any Dream Will Do' (Polydor:  #2, 2007)
3 Supertramp - 'Even In The Quietest Moments' (A&M: Album #12, 1977)
4 Bee Gees - 'Jive Talkin' (RSO:  #5, 1975)
5 David Essex - 'Lamplight' (CBS:  #7, 1973)

Thanks, Jenny.  The 3rd track's chart position was reached as an album, not a single.  We were going to give your 2nd selection a RED, but as you love this so much, we thought we'd be kind (for a change!).

"Paul", the man(!) from Norwich has kindly allowed us to produce his top 5:

1 Alessi - 'Oh, Lori' (A&M:  Reached #8, 1977)
2 Captain & Tennille - 'Love Will Keep Us Together' (A&M:  Reached #32, 1975)
3 Andrew Gold - 'Lonely Boy' (Asylum:  Reached #11, 1977)
4 Boz Scaggs - 'Lido Shuffle' (CBS:  Reached #13, 1977)
5 Starbuck - 'Moonlight Feels Right' (Private Stock:  Reached #3 USA,  1976)

Thanks, Paul.  Your 5th selection is well known and reminds us of "Afternoon Delight" by Starland Vocal Band in the same year.  Amazingly, neither the single or album charted in the UK- let's all download it and put this right!

"Denny" who likes his "one hit" wonders has kindly allowed us to produce his top 5:

1 Alessi - 'Oh, Lori' (A&M:  Reached #8, 1977)
2 John Paul Young - 'Love Is In The Air' (Ariola:  Reached #5, 1978)
3 Jim Gilstrap - 'Swing Your Daddy' (Chelsea:  Reached #4, 1975)
4 Starland Vocal Band - 'Afternoon Delight' (RCA:  Reached #18, 1976)
5 Sherbet - 'Howzat'  (Epic:  Reached #4, 1976)

Thanks, Denny.  At first glance, we thought we should offer you some counselling, but having researched, it's not a bad selection really.  Two of your selections (1 & 3) had to be "located" and listened to as we couldn't place them - there's an admission from!!!

"Nick" who's far from nasty declined to say where he was from, but has allowed us to produce his top 5:

1 Adam & The Ants - 'Prince Charming' (CBS:  Reached #1, 1981)
2 Debbie Gibson - 'Lost In Your Eyes' (Atlantic:  Reached #34, 1989)
3 Tiffany - 'I Think We're Alone Now'   (MCA:  Reached #1, 1988)
4 John Travolta - 'Sandy' (Midsong:  Reached #2, 1978)
5 Kylie Minogue - 'Love At First Sight' (Parlophone:  Reached #2, 2002)

Thanks, Nick.  He's first to admit:  "Mine are REALLY bad and consist of (mainly) 80's choons".  Know where you're at with the 3 girls - not as bad a selection as you think!

"Shameless" Samantha in Newcastle has allowed us to produce her top 5:

1 Bay City Rollers - 'Shang-A-Lang' (Bell:  Reached #2, 1974)
2 Scaffold - 'Lily The Pink' (Parlophone:  Reached #1, 1968)
3 Archies - 'Sugar Sugar' (RCA Victor:  Reached #1, 1969)
4 Rubettes - 'Sugar Baby Love' (Polydor:  Reached #1, 1974)
5 Tornados - 'The Ice Cream Man' (Decca:  Reached #18, 1963)

Thanks, Samantha.  As you said in your e-mail,  this goes a long way to suggest "Northerners" have more bottle!  There seems to be a "sweet" theme going on though!

"Level headed" Leah in Norwich has allowed us to produce her top 5:

1 Anne Murray - 'You Needed Me' (Capitol:  Reached #22, 1978)
2 Alexander O'Neal - 'If You Were Here Tonight' (Tabu:  Reached #13, 1986)
3 Paul Young - 'Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)'  (CBS:  Reached #1, 1983)
4 Howard Jones 'Hide And Seek' (WEA:  Reached #12, 1984)
5 ABBA - 'Dancing Queen' (Epic:  Reached #1, 1976)

Thanks, Leah.  Don't know what you're feeling guilty about though!

 "Guilty" Simon from Bromley has allowed us to produce his top 5 (and the first received in 2014!):

1 Dr Hook - 'If Not You' (Capitol:  Reached #5, 1976)
2 Gilbert O'Sullivan - 'Alone Again (Naturally)' (MAM:  Reached #3, 1972)
3 Bread - 'Make It With You'  (Elektra:  Reached #5, 1970)
4 Crystal Gayle - 'Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue' (United Artists:  Reached #5, 1977)
5 Leo Sayer - 'Moonlighting' (Chrysalis:  Reached #2, 1975)

Thanks, Simon.  He admits in his e-mail "All from the 70's (THE Guilty era!) but I was born in '62, so that's my excuse!"  This was a difficult list to certify (as most are pretty good) - however, we had to be cruel to Leo Sayer, as the weakest single of the selection!


Come on then - get your thinking caps on and e-mail us your top 5.  Please tell us if you do NOT want your name published on this page

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